With Every Wave

Catherine Mole · With Every Wave

‘With Every Wave’ is a piece composed for solo open electronic instrumentation.  Writing for electronics is something I had not done properly before creating this piece.  After doing workshops with Seán Clancy, who taught us all about the different things he could do with many different pieces of technology, I felt that the best approach for me was to aim to create a more immersive score.  

This score was inspired by sound waves and the basic construction of sound.  I wanted to take it back away from lots of detailed and fancy graphics and use a more simplistic approach. For this piece instead of creating the graphics like I do the majority of the time I chose to use the software ProCreate on my ipad to create a digital drawing for the score and I found this a very different experience to the way I am used to working.  However, I do feel that working in this style with different techniques has helped me to become a more diverse artist. 

I always find that the colours in a graphic score along with the shapes that have been created play a massive part in the overall interpretation of the score. I decided for ‘With Every Wave’ that I wanted to take a complete monochrome approach.  I did this because for me, the key focus of this score should be on the shapes and lines included in the graphics. I am really happy with the colour pallet that I chose and think this score came out clear and evocative. 

I wanted to create a piece that was free for the performer to explore and develop their ideas.  This score is very much a way of facilitating the performer and guiding them into the interpretation. That is quite often why I use graphic notation as I find it to be very freeing for the performer yet also guided and created by myself as the composer. 

This piece was performed by Seán Clancy and I am really pleased with the outcome.  I think that creating this score but allowing the performer the amount of freedom that I did really helped to get an outcome that is full of musical exploration.  

I am pleased with the outcome of the recording of this piece. I think that recording of this piece really translates what I was aiming to achieve in this score. With a clear focus on the mood and feel of the piece I think the notation really helped to guide the musician into creating a beautiful sound world that reflected how the piece was composed. 

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