‘Water’ is a series of four pieces all composed for solo brass instruments. Each of the following pieces are themed around water in its different natural forms.

I Sea – Tuba

II Rain – Trumpet

III River – Trombone

IV Ice – French Horn

Nature is a very important factor in my music writing and I became very interested in the water cycle and then different forms that water can be found in. I started this process by painting some abstract water themed pieces to create a visual inspiration for myself. I then focused my work into the four different forms that entitle the pieces in this series.

I found that having a visual aid for my composition really helps to focus my energy on the piece. Here are the paintings I created to inspire ‘Water’ .

Inspiration painting for Sea
Inspiration painting for Rain
Inspiration painting for River
Inspiration painting for Ice

Each of the pieces in this series are between one and two minutes long. During the composition process I made the decision that each of the pieces would be around the same length as a way of again adding in the message of water being the same in its different forms.

Catherine Mole · Water

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