To Escape is to Fly

To Escape is to Fly is a piece composed for solo open instrumentation meaning that any performer, should they wish to, could pick up this score.

This piece was composed to fit the brief of ‘Compose a melody that somehow escapes itself’. I decided to take this quite literally and began to look at what the word escape meant to me as an artist. I started by doing some initial plans and sketches working on the different ways that I could capture the feeling of escapism in the score. As nature has had a large influence in my creative process I wanted to incorporate elements of it into this score. I decided to base this piece on escapism through the skies.

After creating some initial sketches I decided that I wanted the focus to be on a journey through the clouds. I therefore wanted the musical notation to be added into the score in a way that I can capture the feeling of a journey to escape. I chose to add in the notation through the use of a ribbon like stave. With this I aimed to maintain the feelings that I would associate with escaping – floating, freedom and flexibility.

During the compositional process of this piece I started to take a much greater interest in working with handdrawn scores. Exploring the ways, as a creator, I could combine music and art into the same score. I found that this way of including the graphic element and the notational one into the score by combining them into one image works to create a visually strong and easily interpretive score for the performing musicians.

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