Lockdown is a visual art piece inspired by the impact that the global pandemic has had on many people. This visual art piece was created as part of a small contemporary art festival. I was set the brief to create a piece based around the theme of Lockdown, it was up to me as the creator to manipulate this brief into what I wanted it to be. Very early on in the compositional process I decided that I wanted to have it as a different approach to that of what a lot of musicians have been working with over lockdown. I wanted to create it in a unique way to look at the less common upset caused by Covid-19.

Masks became part of our normalise over the duration of 2020. I wanted to highlight not only the importance of wearing mask and keeping each other safe, but also the controversy of being made to wear one by law.

Living in Birmingham throughout the majority of the pandemic helped to bring it to my attention just how many people were unhappy with the guidelines that had been put in place to protect the rest of the population. There were many different protests against the enforcement of the restriction yet one that stuck out to me predominantly was the anti mask protests. I found them to be a lot more common than I thought they would be. It began to shock me a lot how against wearing masks people were.

After being set the brief for this project I knew that I didn’t want to look at lockdown in such a conventional way. This is where the ideas for the visuals came from, I wanted to create something that was different to that which had been seen previously during the pandemic.

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