Just No

Just No is a spoken word piece based on themes of social acceptance. This was composed as a response to too many years in my own childhood of feeling as though I did not fit in. For this composition I chose to have it very limited in regards to the amount of content. This meant that I did restrict the musical input and just have the solo voice as the focus.

Throughout the process of this piece I attempted to record it in different environments to see how it would effect the recording outcome. I trialed a few different ways including performing with a box over my head and the microphone. However, after quite a few trials with different recording set ups I decided that being stood with the microphone as if I was performing on a stage gave me the most clear and direct outcome.

This performance took a lot of courage for me to post. This is because as a composer I rarely perform as part of my own work let alone be a soloist. However, I felt that doing this project has really helped me to gain confidence in performance.

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