Duets and Trios

Snape Maltings – Young composer of the year

I entered the East Anglian Young composer of the Year competition with a piece inspired by conversations and the truth.  As part of this, my piece was performed by professional musicians in the Snape Maltings concert hall.

3 Prepared pianos

A piece for three grand, prepared pianos written for my A-level music coursework. It is influenced by minimalist composers as well as nature and the influence it had on me during my childhood.

Trio – Voice, Percussion, Piano

This is a course project that we chose to compose a piece for Voice, Percussion and Piano. we could choose between two different trio ensembles, and I chose to do this one because I felt that it would stretch me more as a composer than the other option.  Mine is inspired by nature and the way that different weather impact on peoples lives.

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