‘Dominoes’ is a piece for solo instrument. This means that anyone can perform this piece as a solo.

The main inspiration behind this piece is the concept of the performer building the score themselves. This means that the performer is provided with a number of small graphic scores and instructed to put them face down on stage and then start the performance. The performance will start with the soloist turning over between 10 and 15 of the cards on the floor and then building their own score by joining the cards up like a game of dominoes.

The performer is then instructed to start a timer and perform the score that they have built. The performance of this piece should last between 6 and 7 minutes. The score can be interpreted however the performer chooses to.

I used a mixture of water colour inks and fine tipped pens to create this score. I chose to do a limited range of colours as I wanted them to also be an influencing factor in the interpretation of the piece. The black lines and shapes on the small graphic scores are designed to have a way of connecting each of them but this is just a suggestion and can be completely disregarded if the performer chooses to.

Recordings and video to come ….

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