Third Year So Far …

My third year at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire started off very differently to my first and second years. I moved back to Birmingham from my family home in early July 2020. Moving house during a global pandemic is quite different to normal, and luckily my family were able to help me as I was the […]

Through to the end of second year

Moving back to Birmingham after Christmas was the start of a busy second term. I had many composition projects planned and was really excited to jump in at the deep end and crack on with all of them. This year I was asked to be a mentor as part of the Young Composers Project at […]

First Term Round up

My first term back in Birmingham saw the start of second year with a very busy few months. After the excitement of moving into a new flat and freshers week the first project I had coming up was my piece for the Orchestra of the Swan. This was a composition that I was asked to […]

The Start of 2nd Year – September to October 2019

By the end of June I was looking forward to my summer break and going home to Suffolk. It felt like a well deserved break because of how busy my first year had been. I spent the start of the holiday relaxing and taking a break from all things composition. I then travelled to Cumbria […]

End of the Year – May to June

With the start of May came my first year course work hand in, with my creative portfolio on the 8th which included any style of compositions that I have worked on throughout the year, and my technical portfolio on the 15th which included two compositions set to a brief and one orchestration task. This meant […]

Easter Break – April

Starting this month off with course exams in Harmony and Aural meant that working on new compositions went on hold. As end of first year deadlines are looming my focus has been on editing scores and finalising recordings for my creative portfolio. Printing is very time consuming meaning that there has been multiple trips to […]

Two Months to go – March

March has been a busy month, finalising all of my portfolio work and binding all of my scores. This is a long process of checking and altering details of each of the scores to ensure continuity in notation throughout my portfolio. Starting the month off with a focus on finalising a few pieces of work […]

The Month of Concerts – February

February has been a very busy month. I have been planning for new pieces and organising performances of other pieces. I have to say it has been very rewarding to keep myself this busy. Finishing the month with a lovely long weekend at home has made it all a little bit better. Despite the stresses […]

Back to it – January

A new year and a new term. Being back in Birmingham came to me like a breath of fresh air. I felt refreshed after the Christmas break and ready to get back into the swing of things. Despite the upset of leaving home for a second time I knew that being back in Birmingham provides […]